What’s The Best Year Round Comforter?

Sweating too much in bed during the summer? Having to layer up in the winter because your comforter isn’t thick and warm enough? Enter all season bedding! Discover what makes wool the best year round comforter, and why it could be the solution to maintaining a comfortable sleeping temperature all year round.

Is your comforter too hot to sleep in?

If you’re finding yourself getting hot and clammy in bed at night, or you’re struggling to sleep, it could be that you’ve not picked the right comforter for you. Bedding that’s made from synthetic filled materials isn’t organic, which means there’s a non-breathable barrier between the material of your bedding and its outer cover.

What this means for you is that your body heat has nowhere to escape to, in turn trapping it and causing you to feel excessively warm, sweaty and uncomfortable. Sound familiar? The solution is finding the right year-round comforter to make sure you can get the best night’s sleep every night of the year.

Or, is your comforter not keeping you warm enough?

Shivering awake in the night, wondering why your new snug winter comforter isn’t keeping you toasty warm like it should be? You might not have the best all season comforter for through the year when you need warmth and comfort. But how do you find the right comforter that keeps you cool when you need it and warm when temperatures drop?

How to find the best comforter for all seasons

Which warm comforter for winter should you choose? Well, it’s all about tog ratings, or ‘thermal overall grade’, as it’s also referred to. Just remember, you want a higher tog rating in the colder months to keep heat in, and a lower tog rating in the summer evenings to allow for a breathable night’s sleep.

Remember that you’ll want to keep in mind breathability too. Heavier comforters will inevitably have a higher tog rating and keep you warmer. But the key to keeping cool at night when summer arrives is choosing a comforter that also helps you regulate your body temperature. Breathability is everything!

What makes a good year round comforter?

The great thing about an all season comforter is that it’s a heavy but cool comforter, all in one. How? You can use the poppers or Velcro on all season bedding to open it up into two comforters with different tog ratings, depending on how you want to use it.

In the colder months, fasten your all season comforter together to combine both tog ratings and benefit from the extra insulation. And in summer, store away your winter weight comforter so that you’re left behind with your lighter, summer weight option.

How does a year-round comforter work?

Here’s an example of how you can use the same all in one, all season comforter to sleep warm or cool depending on the time of year.

Example of tog rating Season
4.5 tog Spring/Summer
9 tog Autumn
13.5 tog (combined) Winter

Intrigued in the power of all season bedding? Try our Deluxe all-season comforter out for yourself, and enjoy a good night’s sleep every night.

Find the best year round comforter for you

Now you know what makes wool the best comforter for all seasons. Head to our Sleep Health and Advice hub to learn more sleep related advice, from night sweats to staying cool while you sleep and more.

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