Here at woolroom we know the importance of a good night's sleep. The average person spends more than a third of their lives in bed. With that in mind, can you afford not to be entirely comfortable and rested?
Wool is a fantastic fibre that can enhance your sleep immeasurably. This is achieved largely because of its incredible ability to regulate your temperature - naturally.
In addition to this, wool promotes an environment so dry (because it can desorb moisture back into the environment) that dust-mites simply will not inhabit it - Great if you suffer from a dust mite allergy (a staggering 20% of us will in our lifetime!), eczema or Asthma.

We're so confident that our wool beds and bedding can enhance your sleep that we will give...

  • a 100 night sleep guarantee when you buy a mattress coupled with a woolroom protector/topper/enhancer
  • a 30 night sleep guarantee when you buy a full bedding set, consisting of a duvet, pillow(s) and a mattress protector/topper/enhancer

Wool mattress 100 night sleep guarantee

We have recently launched a new and improved range of British Wool filled beds and now offer a 100 night sleep guarantee, meaning you can take the risk out of your purchase.
The guarantee is simple; if you buy any one of our mattresses and don't find that you sleep considerably better after a 100 night period, we'll take the mattress back and refund you in full - no quibble.

It's important to note however that this guarantee is only valid when you purchase and use one of our wool mattress protectors/toppers/enhancers (this must've been purchased in tandem with your mattress to be eligible).

Why do I need to buy a topper/enhancer/protector?
We can only guarantee your mattress when purchased alongside a mattress protector/topper/enhancer because this way we can guarantee that your all-new natural mattress is being covered with the finest level of wool - this ensure you get maximum performance from your new bed.

When is my sleep guarantee effective from?
Your mattress guarantee will be effective as of the date of delivery and will be valid for 100 nights.
Unfortunately, we cannot delay the guarantee, even if you've not yet slept on it due to other commitments (I.e. holidays, room not yet decorated).

How do I care for my wool mattress?
We appreciate that your new bed purchase is a very considered investment and as such caring for your new bed and mattress is very important.
By taking care of your bed in your waking hours, you can be confident that your bed will continue to take care of you while you sleep.
  • It's recommended that you rotate and turn your mattress every week for the first 12 weeks of its life. After the initial 12 week period, we'd recommend turning your mattress with every season (note: our mattresses can be very heavy. please seek assistance when turning your mattress).
  • Try and air your mattress on a weekly basis. Simply leave your bedlinen turned back for a few hours each time and allow air to circulate around and through the mattress.
  • Treat stains and spills immediately by using dry towels. Do not use detergents or chemical cleaners as this may bleach or disintegrate the fabric.
  • Never attempt to roll or fold your mattress. It's been designed and constructed for use only in a flat position.

Wool Bedding Set 30 night sleep guarantee

We guarantee that with a Wool Bedding Set from woolroom you’ll enjoy the benefits of a better night’s sleep from day one.

Why? Because we know that using wool in bedding, compared to other materials like feather, down or synthetic, gives much greater sleep benefits. The combined benefits of wools natural built-in temperature regulation, moisture control and hypoallergenic properties gives us the confidence to guarantee you’ll sleep better than with your existing bedding solution - full stop.

If, once you've received your Wool Bedding Set, you're not totally satisfied that it's delivering the benefits of a better night's sleep we'll honour our 30 night Sleep Guarantee; Better Sleep or Your Money Back! You can't say fairer than that!

What is a wool bedding set?
To be eligible for a 30 night sleep guarantee, you must purchase a complete bedding set. This comprises of...
  • A duvet of your choice (Classic, Deluxe or Luxury)
  • 1x pillow of your choice (Classic, Deluxe or Luxury) if you're buying a set for a single bed or 2x pillows if you're buying a set for double sized beds and upwards
  • A mattress protector, topper or enhancer of your choice
When does my 30 night sleep guarantee begin?
Your 30 night sleep guarantee is effective from the day your bedding set is delivered.
Unfortunately, we cannot delay the guarantee, even if you've not yet slept with your bedding set due to other commitments (I.e. holidays, room not yet decorated).

Why don't you offer a 30 night guarantee on individual items?
While we're incredibly confident that you'll reap the benefits of wool with any one of pillows, duvet or mattress protector/topper/enhancer, the 30 day sleep guarantee is only available on the full set as we've had the set tested and is scientifically proven to enhance your stage 4 (REM) sleep by up to 25% versus other bedding types. Using any wool product with a mixure of other types of bedding doesn't deliver the full benefit you see when you cocoon yourself in wool.