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Struggle with broken sleep? Improve your sleep health with a super king mattress topper made from wool. It has been proven by scientists that using wool in your sleep system can improve your regenerative sleep by up to 25%. That way, you’ll be able to sleep soundly through the night, then wake up feeling fresh and energised in the morning.

Hypoallergenic super king mattress toppers

If you suffer with allergies keeping you up at night, we’ve got the answer. Let the natural qualities of wool protect you during the night. A lot of the best super king mattress toppers that combat allergies are all made from natural materials like wool. Common allergy triggers like mould spores and dust mites usually thrive in moist, warm environments. However, the natural fibres in wool wick away any excess moisture during the night, meaning that you won’t be breathing in any nasty allergens.

Discover super king wool mattress toppers for a solid night’s sleep

Looking to add a luxurious touch to your sleep sanctuary? Our super king mattress toppers come in both Chatsworth and Organic finishes. For serious softness, choose our Chatsworth option. Filled with 100% premium grade British wool, sink into a deep sleep with our Chatsworth super king mattress topper. Feel like treating yourself? Our Organic super king wool mattress topper crafted with organic wool and crisp cotton is sure to add a plush finish to your wool sleep system.

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