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Double Mattress Toppers

Treat yourself to a double mattress topper made from luxurious wool. Sink into a deep night’s sleep with the help of wool’s natural sleep enhancing qualities. Add to your natural sleep system with one of our double wool mattress toppers. Choose yours from our Chatsworth or Organic ranges below.

Why choose a double mattress topper made from wool?

To prolong the life of your mattress, choose a double wool mattress topper. Not only does it help your mattress, a double mattress topper can also improve the quality of your sleep, night after night. By adding an additional layer of comfort between you and your mattress, you’ll drift off into a deep sleep in no time.

Scientifically proven to increase your regenerative sleep by up to 25%, wake up feeling fully refreshed after a solid night’s sleep on a luxury double mattress topper. Suffer with night sweats? With wool’s moisture wicking qualities, say goodbye to waking up in the night drenched in sweat. Naturally temperature regulating, sleep soundly every night.

Discover our anti-allergy mattress topper – double

Don’t let allergies spoil your sleep any longer. Feel the natural benefits of sleeping with wool. Made from 100% British wool and organic cotton, our double wool mattress toppers create a hostile environment for common allergens. The fibres in wool expel any moisture into the air rather than trapping them in, meaning that you’ll be protected from mould spores, dust mites and allergens. For a sneeze-free night, choose a double mattress topper made from wool.

Sleep soundly with a luxury double mattress topper

Available in Chatsworth and Organic finishes, choose the perfect one for you. Filled with 100% premium British wool that’s wrapped in organic cotton, choose our award-winning Chatsworth double wool mattress topper for superior comfort. Looking for a little more luxury? Opt for our Organic double mattress topper. Crafted with the finest organic wool, create that luxurious hotel feel at home with our Organic double wool mattress topper.

For a cosy yet cool night’s sleep, choose double mattress toppers made from wool. Looking for a different size? Shop our full range of wool filled mattress toppers online.