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Is a wool duvet better than down?

We love wool. We think it's nature's miracle material. Not only will one of our wool duvets cradle you in absolute luxury as you slip into bed, but it'll also keep you snuggly in winter and fresh and cool in summer. If you're still unsure about wool bedding, then our wool duvets are the perfect entry-level product into the world of fluffy, snuggly cosiness. With a wool duvet, you'll immediately feel the difference compared to a down or synthetic filled quilt.
Unlike down or synthetic materials, wool is an expert at temperature regulation. It'll push warm air away when it's getting a little stuffy, and hold onto warmth when the surrounding temperatures are dropping. Plus, it's really good at wicking moisture away, so not only will your wool quilt keep you at the optimum temperature for a snooze, but it'll also care for your skin.
Speaking of caring, did you know wool is naturally hypoallergenic too? Say goodnight to your night-time allergies. As soon as rest your head, you'll be transported to the land of nod, all the while your wool duvet will be busy fighting against allergens and dust mites. With breathable fibres, you can drift off knowing you'll wake up feeling refreshed and energised. Why not include a wool mattress topper and add another layer of luxury to your bed?

Can you wash a wool duvet?

As an industry first, our Organic Washable and Deluxe wool duvets are now washable. So, you can enjoy fresh cotton wool quilts time after time. Simply place in the washing machine and add your favourite wool laundry detergent (ours is lavender scented, it helps with sleep!).
We know that washing can be a tedious task. But thankfully due to wool's natural hypoallergenic benefits, you'll be able to go longer between washes and still experience freshness. Curl up, snuggle down and enjoy luxury with your wool filled duvet. Add wool pillows to your sleep haven and sink into bliss.

Find your perfect cotton wool quilt

Whether Classic, Deluxe Washable or Organic Washable, the choice is yours. All our hypoallergenic duvets are made from British wool and are free from nasty synthetics. Here's how our three ranges of wool duvets compare:

The Classic Range: Our entry-level wool duvets. Available in three weights and made with 100% traceable British wool, 100% cotton and 0% synthetic materials, these natural fibre duvets all come at a price that others can only match by using cheaper foreign wools and synthetics. And you can even trace them back to the farm the wool came from – so you can count the sheep that helped create your luxury duvet to help you fall asleep!

The Deluxe Washable Range: Also 100% British, 100% cotton and 0% synthetic, but featuring wool quilts in four weight options. These premium duvets are filled with traceable wool, some of which can be traced back to the iconic Chatsworth Estate and are super soft and high performing. All the wool quilts in our Deluxe range are certified as hypoallergenic and are both traceable and machine washable on a wool cycle with wool detergent – magic!

The Organic Washable Range: You guessed it, we use nothing but natural materials in these organic duvets. With 100% luxury, high thread count organic cotton, British traceable wool fibres and absolutely no synthetics, we'll tell you exactly where your wool duvet came from. Plus, our Organic range is now entirely washable, so you can refresh your wool bedding with ease – it's truly one of a kind.

Traceable organic wool filled duvets

At Woolroom, we care about your sleep and the sheep that make our wool filled duvets. We're dedicated to creating sustainable products. That's why we've added traceability into the mix, with our Wool ID Programme. The sheep will thank you too. Shearing doesn't hurt them – in fact, they're purposely sheared in the summer months so they can bound around in the hot weather without their bulky coats. Meaning that our wool duvets are truly sustainable. Looking to update your bedding? Then why not browse our range of opulent wool bedding and pillows and make your bed into the perfect sleep haven.